Mission: To empower people, to explore and celebrate culture, and to strengthen the human family

Vision: To see the peoples of the world united and strengthened by the sharing of culture and heritage. To foster mutual respect and understanding among diverse communities. To promote sustainability and living harmoniously with the planet and all living things. To create a more peaceful and prosperous world.


Peace  Love  Respect  Culture  Arts  Prosperity  

Equality Fairness Creativity


For more than 20 years the founders of African Village worked collaborative to organize the African Village at the World of nations Celebration in Jacksonville, Florida. This multi day event features food, entertainment, arts & crafts, and education from more than 40 countries. The African Village is the largest area of this event representing 4 or more countries each year it participates. Beyond World of Nations the founding members work in diverse fields from business management and social services to politics and finance, these dynamic individuals share a passion for community and a commitment to broadening horizons.

African Village was conceived out of a desire to bring the excitement of World of Nations to more people, expand to a year round calendar, and engage in larger project for the benefit or more people. AV now provides unique educational opportunities, engaging events, and has an exciting strategy to develop a host of programs that promote peace and understanding. Our goal is to build local, national, and international connections between communities and create meaningful exchanges that have economic and cultural benefits.